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Battle of Obertyn - 22nd September 1531

Grand Royal Hetman Jan Tarnowski led some 4,800 cavalry, 1200 infantry and 12 canons to counter an attack by the Moldavians led by Hospodar Peter IV Rares. Tarnowski defeated a force of 6,000 besieging Gwozdziec and later met the main force of some 20,000 cavalry and 50 canons at Obertyn. Using his infantry and artillery behind the tabor (wagon train) as a defensive base he made use of his cavalry's powerful offensive capability to defeat the Moldavians.

Woodcut from the 15th Century

In the centre is the Polish Tabor, visible as the covered wagons, within it is the Polish cavalry, part of which (on the right) is fighting the enemy. The Polish infantry and artillery is positioned in the corners, with 9 canons visible.

Battle of Obertyn